Information trap

(Appropriation And Manipulation)


"Warning! Computer nets are not secure. Your actions may be monitored and recorded"
Viewer/users are faced with this message before entering the Internet. Regardless of the large number of warnings of this sort to be found, the majority of us do not take them seriously. This is an error. Individual information security is directly linked to the important social issue of state control over individuals and as a result, citizens' freedom. Those who do not heed these warnings put their confidential information at risk when using computer nets to convey email texts, passwords for post programs etc.

With the help of special spy programs set up on computers, all user actions can be recorded e.g. the opening and closing of programs, typing of texts, the addresses of web sites visited etc. Besides this, every thirty seconds the desktop display is recorded, which allows the absolutely precise registering of everything which the user sees on their monitor.
All of this information is then sent instantly by email and is loaded onto a special Internet site and is then made available to all comers. After being received by email, the information is automatically printed out and added to previous messages, building an installation of information borrowed from the careless user.

Anna Kolossova in collaboration with Aleksey Shulgin, Aleksandr Morozov, Aleksandr Malyshev