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As the curator and the organizer:

·  2010 festival «IZOLENTA 10», club “Cosmonavt”, St. Petersburg
·  2010 curator of video program dance-video “Podvizky”, St. Petersburg
·  2009 curator of video program “Pixel out” festival «Udensgabali», gallery NOASS, Latvia, Riga
· 2009 video presentation of a videoarchive medialab Cyland, art centre "Factory", Moscow
· 2008 video presentation «Touch me», festival "Cuberfest", Sankt - Petersburg
· 2008  the curator of festival «IZOLENTA 08», the Cinema «Union», club "Place" of SPb, Russia
·  2007 the organization of film-display Matthew Barney «DRAWING RESTRAINT 9», at Rodina cinema center, Russia, St. Petersburg
2007 ·  the curator of festival «IZOLENTA 07», the Movie centre "Native land", club Griboedov, club "Place" of SPb, Russia
·   2005 exhibition “Kraftzellen”, (Germany, Cologne)
·   2005 curator of video screening “VideoTranzit”, (Russia, Yekaterinburg)
· 2005 the curator of an exhibition «Hackers and crackers», the Youth centre of the State Hermitage, St. Peterburg, Russia
· 2005 festival "SKIF", the video program «Word of the artist»,
St. Petersburg, Russia
· 2005 festival of actual art of "Subjective", the curator video program "Subjects", St.Petersburg State University, St.Petersburg, Russia
·2003 curator exhibitions “New Readout”, Gelman gallery, ZDX, Moscow, Russia